Farewell To Obama

AFP Photo/Ronny Hartmann It’s a somber first month of the year in America, as we watch one of the greatest presidents of all time leave the White House. Barack Obama may not be in office anymore, but he will always remain president in our hearts. Not only can he be inspirational to everyone around the country, but he has inspired change throughout the world. Lawyer, U.S. Senator, and now U.S. President, Barack Obama has been through the ranks in this country. He started out as a graduate of Columbia University, and then went on to Harvard Law school. While attending […]

Is This Really a 50-50 Election!

cnn.com     As many first time voters, both young and old, prepare to take on the poles for an election that could arguably hold many significant and almost frightening outcomes for the future of the United States,  many still find themselves wholly dissatisfied with both primary party candidates.  Are you discomforted by the questionable and often subject to change legal practices of Hillary Clinton? Do the flippant, social misguidances of Donald Trump not inspire your confidence? You are not alone and nor are you forced to choose between what many would deem as “the lesser of two evils”. Understanding that […]

Did Trump expect to make it this far?

AP/LM Otero Since the start of the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump has been the most talked about candidate in mainstream media. Almost every single news station is featuring Trump and a new scandal involving his campaign. As many people criticize Trump’s actions and comments, it brings a very interesting question: Did he ever expect to make it this far? “The Donald”, as he is commonly referred to, is known more as an American businessman and for his hit TV show “The Apprentice”. Through the years he has amassed an incredibly large fortune from various dealings ranging from real estate […]