Did Trump expect to make it this far?

AP/LM Otero

Since the start of the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump has been the most talked about candidate in mainstream media. Almost every single news station is featuring Trump and a new scandal involving his campaign. As many people criticize Trump’s actions and comments, it brings a very interesting question: Did he ever expect to make it this far?

“The Donald”, as he is commonly referred to, is known more as an American businessman and for his hit TV show “The Apprentice”. Through the years he has amassed an incredibly large fortune from various dealings ranging from real estate to reality television. Trump was never a person who was considered to be the friendliest of celebrities, yet his ruthless business ethics quickly became something fascinating with the rise of “The Apprentice”. As audiences around the country tuned in, it seemed as though he was the perfect businessman and only hired the best competitors. The show quickly became a cult classic, and Trump became a household name while gaining the respect of the American people.

 Everyone quickly forgot about his 2000 run for president with the Reform Party, which was piloted under the pretense of making political reform in America. His campaign focused mostly on achieving universal healthcare, eliminating the national debt, and the issues of fair trade. Trump’s election bid was originally called into question as it seemed he was working more towards publicity and expanding his brand. This tactic proved successful when he dropped out of the campaign on February 16, 2000. He cited his reasons as unrest within the party and went so far as to call members David Duke, Pat Buchanan, and Lenora Fulani as a “Klansman, a Neo-Nazi, and a Communist”.

Trump’s star power continued to rise as he branded himself as a man who would give America everything the country deserved. Yet as the years went on, interest in Trump seemed to fade away. From multiple business failures to a high profile divorce from Ivana Trump, the American public lost interest in “The Donald” and his entire brand. As the 2016 presidential election began to gain buzz, rumors began to emerge that Trump would consider running for president. He toyed with media reports about the possibility of running for an elected office with no real experience, garnering more attention toward the fading celebrity. When Donald Trump officially announced his candidacy there seemed to be mixed feelings.

Once Trump officially became the candidate of the Republican Party, he actually seemed a bit surprised to have won the nomination. No matter how bigoted of a person he is presented as, he somehow became the face of the party he originally demonized in his first presidential bid. As November quickly approaches, we have somehow fallen into the trap of Trump mania as we have become obsessed with the man who breeds contempt amongst the minds of the American voters. No matter what happens, Donald Trump will always find a way to be the boss.