Is This Really a 50-50 Election!


    As many first time voters, both young and old, prepare to take on the poles for an election that could arguably hold many significant and almost frightening outcomes for the future of the United States,  many still find themselves wholly dissatisfied with both primary party candidates.  Are you discomforted by the questionable and often subject to change legal practices of Hillary Clinton? Do the flippant, social misguidances of Donald Trump not inspire your confidence? You are not alone and nor are you forced to choose between what many would deem as “the lesser of two evils”. Understanding that your vote is not simply limited to two names on a ballot slip come  Tuesday, November 8th is the first step to making an educated decision. While the sheer amount of available nominees may seem intimidating at first, they are a few outstanding candidates that, upon further research, may offer a well-deserved alternative to the two primary party elects.


Former Governor Gary Johnson (New Mexico)

    The Libertarian Party nominee runs on a campaign platform that “[appeals] not only to his own party, but to all voters”. He advocates for the elimination of double taxation on small businesses and plans to implement a single consumption tax system determined by how much one spends rather than how much one earns. Dedicated to a meaningful and effective justice reform that advocates for the lower income and or minority community that the penal systems and war on drug continually isolate. Additionally, he believes that state and local government officials should have a more weighted say on education and trusts in the innovation, creativity, and freedom that lies at home rather than in Washington DC.


Dr. Jill Stein (Massachusetts)

    The Green Party nominee puts environmental and social justices at the forefront of her campaign. She plans to implement an “energy democracy based on public, community and worker ownership of our energy system. Treat energy as a human right.” Dr. Stein believes that tuition free, public education from pre-school through college is a right that all Americans deserve access to. She also plans to tackle that big business corporations that seek to displace indigenous people and tribal nations from the native lands.


Darrell Castle (Tennessee)

    The Constitution Party nominee proclaims himself as “the only candidate of any party that is 100% pro-life or even close to it.” His stances on eliminating extraneous funding from Planed Parenthood and belief that all persons have a constitutional right to life remain integral part of his platform. If elected, Castle, in believing that the US has the means to, plans to systematically remove US influence from the United Nations in efforts to preserve the historical integrity of the US.


    Research and proper education are the first of many steps necessary to making as important a decision as who to cast your ballot towards. The stake are extremely high this time around, but know that your vote is by no means limited to a fifty-fifty option. With each candidate exists traits that can speak to both you and I, and the very worst you can do is not vote at all. When the numbers are tallied, make sure you have done you part.