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TU introduces TV shows for current, potential students

Golden Tigers talk show graphicSelecting the right college or university is one of the most important decisions a young person can make. Tuskegee University is introducing two new television shows to keep current students informed and introduce potential students to the benefits of choosing Tuskegee University.

The casual talk-shows, Golden Tiger Talk Show and First Class, feature Dr. S. Keith Hargrove, Tuskegee provost, and Dr. Courtney Griffin, director of Admissions.

“This is an opportunity to keep current and potential students informed of important dates through conversation, hear from other students and university officials,” said Dr. Hargrove. “We hope this monthly production provides valuable information for students and parents as we close this school year and move into the fall.”

“I am excited about creating an opportunity for students to connect their TU experiences with current and potential students,” said Dr. Griffin. “We know as administrators that students really want to hear from each other. This format allows our students to hear directly from each other on topics that matter to them.”

Both shows will be housed on the TU YouTube channel and shared via social media. You can watch it here.


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