About Us

The Tuskegee University Campus Digest is a student newspaper and is available to cover activities on campus and within the community as well. To contact the Digest email us at ccooper@tuskegee.edu. NEWS: For clubs and organizations on campus who are interested in contacting the Digest please contact the Editor. ADVERTISEMENTS: To advertise online, click our “Classifieds” section and complete the required information. For questions about pricing and placement within our printed paper, please email us at ccooper@tuskegee.edu.  (NOTE:  Due to budget issues, we have had to change our production schedule.). FEATURES/OPINIONS: If you have a feature or article that you want to submit to the paper, please contact either the editor or advisor. Interested in joining the newspaper? Our staff is continuously growing and we would love to have you! Contact the advisor at ccooper@tuskegee.edu to get involved!