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New Royal Court Elected

On April 9th, Jasmine McCollum, a Junior from Tupelo, Mississippi, majoring in Chemical
Engineering was crowned to reign as the 92nd Miss Tuskegee University. Inspired by her
mentors, Courtney “Alexis” Landrum who served as the 89th Miss Tuskegee University and a
family member who is a part of the Miss Tuskegee University lineage, McCollum was drawn to
one day vie for the crown. “Being in the presence of style, grace and poise and seeing how those
women encouraged others to create their own legacy inspired me to be selfless and want to serve
Mother Tuskegee,” McCollum said.

Running on the platform of “Empire,” McCollum promised to uplift the student body and bring
opportunities that will strengthen the academic, professional and community areas of the Empire,
Mother Tuskegee. “I hope that my reign will help the student body to discover new sides of
Tuskegee University that make them confident in their abilities and recognize the diversity of the

During the Royal Court Elections, McCollum’s mother was in the hospital. She described the
campaign period as an emotional rollercoaster that she would not have overcome without the
support of the Tuskegee Family. Despite those odds, she strived daily to wake up and show what
she brings to the table through her campaign. The biggest thing she wants people to know
through her campaign journey is that the entire Tuskegee community is here for its students.

The morning of April 9th, Jasmine McCollum was listening to her motivational playlist, feeling
an immense amount of both excitement and nerves. “When it came to preparing for the crowning
ceremony, I had to keep encouraging myself to get out of my head,” McCollum said. “Win or
lose all of us [contestants] put our whole hearts into our campaigns and performed with
excellence. We have to be proud of ourselves no matter what comes our way and recognize that
what is for us, is for us.”

As the 92nd Miss Tuskegee University, McCollum will use her campaign platform to drive
everything she does to show that every student is cared for and will be continuously pulled up
academically, professionally and in the community by Tuskegee University. She hopes to
emphasize to students that they are what spreads the love and pride of Mother Tuskegee. “I want
every student to know that they are a source of inspiration for future generations that seek to
follow in their footsteps,” stated McCollum.

“One word of inspiration I would leave to students is that what is for you will always be for you.
No one can disqualify you, because what is for you will be for you,” said McCollum “I never
would have thought that one day I would be able to say that I am the 92nd Miss Tuskegee
University. Tuskegee is where our dreams are made.”