Tuskegee University’s Annual Career Fair

Have you ever experienced a Tuskegee University Career Fair?  Tuskegee University offers one of the best Career Fairs held on an HBCU campus. Companies from around the globe, across the country and down the street. This year’s Annual Career Fair was as large as ever.  There were companies such as United Technologies, United Airlines, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, P & G, Altec, Weyerhaeuser, Chevron and many, many others.

The Annual Career Fair is coordinated each year by the Career Development and Placement Services, which brings the companies in and gets the student body ready for interviews with prospective companies. These companies, agencies, or organizations are offering full time jobs, part time jobs and even internships and fellowships.

Students were dressed to impress and had copies of their Resume’ to give out. Some of the companies even send Tuskegee graduates as recruiters. It is a festive time for them to come back home and sell their company to up and coming graduating seniors.