A Tiger Who Roars


Morgan Sinclaire Screws, (2017-2018) 1st Attendant to Miss Tuskegee University, continues to define that one doesn’t always have to win the title, to make a difference. Over the past few weeks, we saw three different events Screws hosted for not only the campus, but also the Tuskegee community. The first event was movie night on Logan Hall Lawn entitled, “A ROARING Night at the Movies”, paid homage to old Tuskegee. Students were invited to watch Sleepless starring Jamie Foxx and T.I.  Screws along with other Royal court members served free concessions for students to snack on during the showing.  Deanna Williams, sophomore, Political Science major stated,  “I enjoyed the environment and atmosphere, and definitely recommend students to come out more.”  When interviewed, Screws stated, “I was inspired by my parents, who also attended Tuskegee. I fondly remember the stories they told me of what student life was like when they were here and I wanted to recreate something of that nature today.”

Her final initiative for the semester is taking place throughout the month of October. Screws is spearheading an awareness campaign against domestic violence and bullying. Throughout this month, she will be conducting a social media campaign along with other possible activities to help raise awareness within the student body, which is often ignored. Screws states, “You only get one chance to make difference and I want to show the student body that I am committed and remain committed. When my reign comes to an end, I want to pass my initiatives to the next 1st Attendant and show her that she has the ability to inspire and impact the university and the community.”

Overall Morgan Sinclaire Screws has not only been busy working in the classroom, but spreading positivity throughout the campus and in our community. She continues to exemplify what it means to be a Tuskegee Woman. Screws is committed to carrying out her platform, continuously remembering and reminding students that there is a tiger inside all of us.