The Traveler’s Among Us


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The need for exploration has resonated in human nature throughout the history of time. Since the beginning everything about the world inhabited has remained a question. What to think, what to know, what to be ,are all luming articles of indecision that have affected every generation that has inhabited this earth. However, what has been proven is that mankind will travel to the ends of  the earth to find the answers to those very questions. Travel is a means of education that can broaden the mind. It allows the world to become your classroom and the earth’s people to transform into professors. Although many have ambitions to view the world opportunities to do so can be far and few between.Numerous institutions are realizing the need and demand for abroad studies. Tuskegee University has answered the call to action by pushing those doors of opportunity open. There are professors working hard to make sure the outside world can stay within reach through the Tuskegee University global office. While under the care of Dr. Rhonda Collier,Interim Director of Global office, and Mrs. Joan Wynn , International Student Advisor, students are able to take advantage of learning through travel and studying abroad.

     For the past two years Dr. Collier has provided guidance to many students who want to broaden their horizons. She states the global office’s mission coincides with the university's mission in that it’s purpose is to, “Develop students intellectually    … but to prepare them as citizens of global society ready to contribute to the solving of today’s problems.” With nearly 50 students from tuskegee university’s campus studying abroad each year she is urging for more to take the leap in the name of exploration. Furthermore, she stated that during the 2016-2017 academic school year students were able to travel to more than 12 countries including Paris, Dominican Republic, China,Germany and many more.

    Ms. Tradea Moore, 2017 psychology graduate, and Mr. Andrew Mckee, Junior English Major , were apart of the group of students who were able to travel in perspective study abroad programs this year. Through the attendance of her humanities 200 class Ms. Moore,who traveled to the Dominican Republic, described her experience as a, “ Life changing and well-rounded.” By learning about the country and its culture in the humanities course Moore was able to prepare for the journey ahead. By way of a summer cruise herself and fellow classmates were able to travel to the Dominican Republic and participate in various activities. Community outreach, volunteer work ,and fun activities such as making chocolate were just a few of the many aspects that Moore argues, “ affected everyone’s travel experience in a positive way.”

    Mr. Andrew Mckee travelled to Germany this July 2017. Mckee stated that by communicating with Dr. Collier and researching  he was able to procure his necessities. Mckee demonstrated his excitement for his journey by saying, “ I look forward to the life experience,knowledge, and connections I anticipate gaining in Germany the most.”

     Overall,  The Tuskegee University Global Office is simply a window of opportunity for the everyday student to step out of there comfort zone, or maybe even follow a dream. Dr. Collier implores students, “ over 150 passports have beegiven to students since 2015,” she says.  She urges students to take advantage of the Global Fair on campus on  October 5, 12-5pm in Tompkins ballroom. 50 free passports will be given to individuals who qualify.


      Education in all forms, frames, and fashions should be regarded as both a privilege and a necessity. The world can be an inviting place filled with wonder and amazement enriched with the knowledge of the past and burning with exciting embers of the future. All mankind should be compelled to quench the thirst of the mind, to give water to society's thirst for answers and in time bring all humanity together. In the imortal words of Maya Angelou Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.”