A Royal Welcome




On behalf of the Tuskegee University 2017-2018 Royal Court, welcome back to TU because U already Know that this year is going to be amazing! To the Freshman Class of 2021, once again, I welcome you to Tuskegee University where you will have the chance to lay the solid foundation of your promising futures yet to come.


Tuskegee University has been a life-changer for me.  I came to Tuskegee University from a predominantly white institution where I stood out because I was not the stereotypical small-town African-American Girl. I was the Co-Captain of the Soccer Team, Top Drum Major in the State of Mississippi, Homecoming Queen, Miss Stone High School, Class President, and the Salutation of the Class of 2014.  During my Senior Year in High School, I collaborated with the Aerospace Science Engineering Department in order to design, model, test, and manufacture a more efficient fighter jet wing. Through this endeavor, I developed a relationship with the faculty, staff, and students that was beyond what I ever imagined that I could obtain at a school. It was a bond that was beyond friends, more like family. The people in the program not only wanted me to achieved my project’s objectives, but also they wanted to see me grow as a scholar and as a person.  The students taught me how to think collaboratively, uniformly, and uniquely.  The faculty presented a mindset of working towards what was conceptual and actual instead of textual and imaginary. I became a Hidden Figure in my community.  


Throughout my journey at Tuskegee University, I have evolved the concept of a Hidden Figure into a Pioneer. A Pioneer is one who begins with a goal in mind, but ends with a treasure that is everlasting. That is how see I this school year, as a journey. A journey of growth within each and every Tuskegee University student. My goal is to create and live the reality of Mother Tuskegee by maintaining the traditions of our historic and gracious grounds.  I want to develop and express a woman who does not have to wear the crown as an requirement but as an accessory. I want to be the genuine and approachable figure that you can talk to about anything. Someone real and not a picture that you only see in a 2-D image, but something that is tangible.


I want to evolve the university into a giving and selfless image and lifestyle by having at least one forum a month focused on both the Men and Women of TU. I will collaborate with campus kings and queens and help give them opportunities to reach out to our university. I will strive to support all campus organizations with their pillars and objectives. I want to have at least two service projects a month. One will be Macon County focused and the other will be focused on the state wide and national impacts. Working with the Royal Court, I would like to bring the focus of their campaigns, as well!


Together, we will nourish our roots, so that we can create a royal foundation. We will encourage and maintain our attitudes, so that our name can truly hold the weight that it deserves. We, as golden tigers, will ignite our spirts and discover our roar, and with this we will maintain the traditions of the illustrious Tuskegee University!


With Love and Honor,



Jessica Lillian Dedeaux and The 2017-2018 Royal Court