Tuskegee Midshipmen Explore The Seas

Provided by TNROTC

2nd Class Cruise

Every year, 2nd Class

(2/C) Navy Options from NROTC programs around the country are sent to either Surface Warfare or Submarine Cruises. These Midshipmen (MIDN) are assigned to a ship in which they will perform daily tasks and become familiar with the duties of enlisted sailors. MIDN 2/C Deion Shamlee was assigned to a surface warfare ship this summer, representing Tuskegee University NROTC and shaping his character out in the fleet. MIDN Shamlee was assigned to the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego, California. His favorite experience on cruise was making connections with other officers, and spending time with the aviators attached to the USS Carl Vinson. MIDN Shamlee’s greatest piece of advice for the upcoming 2/C MIDN who seek to go on cruise is to “…experience everything you can. Don’t just sit around doing nothing.” 

Provided by TNROTC

1st Class Cruise

The 1st Class (1/C) Cruise is required for all Midshipmen (MIDN) in the NROTC program. MIDN 1/C Alexis Bryant participated in her 1/C cruise over the summer. She was assigned to Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 75 (HSM-75) in San Diego, California. During her time on cruise, she had the opportunity to not only ride aboard, but actually fly an MH-60R helicopter. She learned about the life of an aviator and got to explore the beautiful city of San Diego. All midshipmen in the program will have the opportunity to attend cruise and then share their own stories and experiences just as MIDN Bryant has done.