Back at it Again: Fashion Resurfaced

“What was I wearing?” 

“Who let me out the house like that?” 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has looked back at outfits and trends and has tried to figure why or even how I came up with such a combination, right? Many of the items that we have in our closet that don’t seem to be in anymore, always seem to come back in style, but maybe with a twist. Fashion is all about creativity, resourcefulness and innovation. But how many of the fads that are out now are really new and fresh? Rarely any…

Decades ago, the fashion was unusual when looking at it on a broad spectrum. However, as we begin to look at the trends more in depth, many of these fashions have indeed resurfaced with a modern appeal. When looking at the fashion trends from the 1900s, women were casually seen in floor-length dresses with layers of material and substantial shoulder pads. Who knew that this would ever be seen on the red carpet at the 2016 VMAs by Queen Bey herself?! She modernized the look by giving it a modest, sleek sex appeal, by incorporating bulging feather shoulder pads.  In this instance, the 1900s everyday fashion was turned into a 21st century high fashion statement that would only be appropriate in certain settings. 

Recently in fashion and in our millennial culture, the 1990’s fashion has also resurfaced and has been the go-to fashionable look for both casual and dressy occasions. The colors: both bright and bold and even dull and simple; the high waist jeans, the windbreaker and bomber jackets; and even haircuts all have come to a full revolution and has been thriving in the fashion industry for about four years straight. 

Most new trends fade within five years because there’s always something out there that is more captivating and intriguing that will grab your attention. However, the fact still remains that fashion will always move in a circular pattern and will eventually repeat itself but with an innovative and hip twist to it. Picture an outfit that you wore in the 8th grade and choose one particular item from that outfit. Now, I know you’re probably thinking “ummm… definitely not wearing that ever again.” But listen, although it may not come back in the same manner in which it did the first go-round, it will definitely be back in style or be worn in some sort of new and creative way. Just wait.