Madea Goes to Grauation 2016

Taken by Tuskegee University

May 7th marks the day of the Class of 2016 Commencement at Chappie James Arena in Tuskegee, AL. The crowd was packed full of parents and relatives for one of the most anticipated days of a college students life. The Class of 2016 produced 520 graduates. For all of the students who graduated, this was developing into a moment that they would remember for a lifetime.

The commencement was headlined by famed actor and director Tyler Perry, who also received his first honorary degree from Tuskegee University.

Perry spoke to the graduates very passionately as he went on to talk about his humble beginnings. He wasn’t fed from a silver spoon, but struggled constantly—even to the extent of homelessness. Perry explained that he had ambitions to go to college at one point, but due to those struggles he wasn’t able to attend.  Despite being a multi-million dollar success without attending college, Perry expressed his admiration for college graduates. “The advantage all you graduates have over me…this education…this college degree you work so hard for. I envy you,” Perry said.  

He also talked about people never really understanding what someone’s “foundation” is before their reach success. “Truth be told no one knows what you went through to be in this very seat. They don’t know the hell or turmoil, but trust me when I tell you all of it was to make you strong. Strong enough to get to your dreams coming true,” said Perry as he emphasized the role of obstacles on the path of success.

Perry’s inspirational speech will certainly give the students a morale boost as they head further into the adult world and pursue their future endeavors.

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2016. We, from the Campus Digest, wish you well in your future endeavors. Make Tuskegee proud!