NAACP Lends a Helping Hand


Volunteering brings people of diverse backgrounds together in order to enhance our lives and create humbling experiences. The Community Service Committee of Tuskegee’s Chapter of the NAACP dedicated a day to visit and embrace the heroic veterans of the armed services of Tuskegee, Alabama.

On December 12, 2015, the committee visited the Central Alabama Veteran’s Health Care System of Tuskegee, Alabama. During their trip to the Veteran’s Hospital, the student’s took time to visit each room within the hospital and talk to each individual veteran. As the veteran’s shared their experiences of being in the armed services, the students were humbled by their testimonies and gained an undeniable amount of appreciation for the armed services.

The students also realized that, unfortunately, most of the veteran’s dedication and bravery was not valued after they performed their military duties. The residents of the hospital expressed that many of their family and friends do not visit them during the holiday season, but the veteran’s expressed their appreciation and gratefulness towards the committee for their elevating visit. The committee ended the day with an inspirational and emotional vocal performance of the gospel song “Break Every Chain” by Demetries Mcnealy. The performance was so powerful, that one of the veteran’s became emotional and expressed endless gratitude towards the committee for their kindness.

For those interested in volunteering, there are several opportunities to reciprocate some of the fortunes/privileges that have been given to us back to the community. Through volunteering, you never know who you will meet, what new things you will learn, or the impact your service will have on others.

Looking for new opportunities to become involved? Please join the diligent efforts of the Community Service Committee of the NAACP, led by Community Service Committee Chair, Kristal Woodard. This passionate committee of students will inspire you to get involved and help you to embark on a continuous and rewarding experience of giving back.