Do HBCUs Feel the Bern?

January 14th marked the opening date of Democratic candidate, Bernie Sander’s, Historically Black College and University Tour. Stops on the tour are set to include Tennessee State University, Alabama State University, Jackson State University, Florida A&M University, Virginia State University, Howard University, the Atlanta University Center, and Benedict College. Throughout his campaign, Sanders has made notable efforts to speak on issues affecting the black and minority communities such as: criminal justice and income inequality. Sanders hopes to, not only encourage the voting action of students, but to also lobby for a heavier minority vote all around.

Prominent members of the black community have offered up their support by joining Sander’s campaign; some of which include Dr. Cornel West and South Carolina State Reps.: Terry Alexander, Wendell Gilliard, and Robert Williams. Even the Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike was given the opportunity to sit down with Sanders in a six-part video series to discuss issues of gun control and social injustices–he has since become an outspoken supporter of the Sanders Campaign.

By taking the issues directly to the voters and specifically, the young people that they will affect, Sanders continues to demonstrate himself as a progressive candidate.