“How to Brighten Up Your College Experience”- Advice to Freshmen

          The end of the first semester of your first year in college is near, and I hope 

everyone is having a positive and productive experience so far. I know from 

experience this first semester has probably been overwhelming, but hopefully you 

all have enjoyed it. For those who haven’t, I have come up with a few tips that might 

help you enjoy the rest of your first year of college.

First, get involved. If you come to college and sit in your room all day, nine times out 

of ten, you will hate your time there. This is why it is important to get involved! 

Getting involved allows you to not only to make friends, but connections as well. An 

example of a way to get involved is to join your state club. State clubs are made up of 

people who are from the same place as you, and they host events that you might be 

used to attending.

          Secondly, be open-minded. In college, you will inevitably be surrounded with people 

with many different views, religions, sexualities, cultures, and races. Be open to 

these new people; this can be your time to learn about different things in the world. 

Curiosity is a virtue. If you want to know something about someone or something, 

be open and ASK!

          Lastly, keep close friends nearby. Since we’re in college, more than half of us are 

away from our family. For that reason, friends are important to have around for 

when you’re homesick, piled with work, or in need of an ear to vent to. Keeping 

close friends near can and will be the little bit of encouragement you need when 

you’re down.

           Good luck to all!