10 Did you know facts





  1. The word “Tuskegee” means “warrior” in the Muscogee-Creek dialect.

  2. More than 70 percent of Black veterinarians in America today are Tuskegee University graduates.

  3. Tuskegee University’s band is the oldest HBCU marching band.

  4. The university is also the only college or university in the nation to ever be designated a National Historic Site by the U.S. Congress.

  5. Macon County originally included neighboring cities, Union Springs and Auburn.

  6. There were ten people in the first graduating class at Tuskegee on May 28, 1885.

  7. Macon County was created by the Alabama legislature on December 18, 1832 from land received from the last cession of the Creek Indians, in March 24, 1832.

  8. Well known for her part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee.

  9. “The Tuskegee Song” was first sung at the May 1902 Commencement

  10. Tuskegee suffered a fire in 1858, which destroyed most of the downtown area.