Finals Are Approaching

December is here, which means it’s the holiday season, right? Wrong! It also means the most crucial time of the year for students. Nonetheless, it’s just two weeks left before you hop in your car or on a plane and head back to your family for tons of fun and food. We are trying to prepare ourselves for comprehensive exams, extremely long research papers, or worse… group assignments. With these helpful tips, you will surely be prepared to the end this semester on a great note:

Sleep. This is the most important tip that could be given. Sleep is one of the best ways to prepare for your finals. The amount of rest you receive prepares you for the next day. It also has a tremendous effect on your test taking skills. You should allow yourself to get 6-8 hours of rest the night before exam day. Do not pull all-nighters. Yes, you may want to cram, but it could result in forgetting everything as soon as the test slips out of your professor’s hands onto your desk.

Write down the dates. Be sure to get a copy of the university’s finals schedule. Your professor will use those dates, as instructed, for the actual date your final will be held. Some professors, the “cool” professors, may alter the actual date and let your final be held the last day of class. We love them for this. This allows you to knock out your finals as quickly as possible.

Prepare for your finals. You can prepare by setting study hours or days for certain subjects. Allow at least 1-2 hours of studying for a final each day up until your final. You can study with a group or go solo. Study outside your room, so you are not prone to fall asleep. There are many resources on campus. Utilize them. Go to the libraries on campus. You can even study in a classroom setting such as “Bio” or the “Engineering Building.”

Don’t overload. Your brain will “fry,” resulting in a major headache. Take a few breaks. Breaks come in handy when you have hit a wall in understanding or comprehending what you are studying. Go grab a bite to eat at the café or Austin’s Grill with your friends. Step outside to get some fresh air. When you return, you will be more productive, active, and ready to study. Whatever you do, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. It is easier said than done… I know. But you are more than capable of getting the job done.

May your finals be ever in your favor. Good Luck!