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Knowledge is Empowering

One of the greatest desires amongst the human species is knowledge. We are naturally inquisitive and curious; however, this desire is deeper than simply wanting to know about something. Knowledge is a thirst that can never be quenched and this places us in an eternal pursuit of answers. The adage, “Knowledge is power,” is commonly used to define this desire, and in many senses it proves to be correct. It explains that people want to learn so that they can have power over others, but power is only a potential result of obtaining knowledge. What happens in between obtaining knowledge […]

Finals Are Approaching

December is here, which means it’s the holiday season, right? Wrong! It also means the most crucial time of the year for students. Nonetheless, it’s just two weeks left before you hop in your car or on a plane and head back to your family for tons of fun and food. We are trying to prepare ourselves for comprehensive exams, extremely long research papers, or worse… group assignments. With these helpful tips, you will surely be prepared to the end this semester on a great note: Sleep. This is the most important tip that could be given. Sleep is one […]

Midterms Got You Stuck?

It is the middle of the semester. You are trying to enjoy homecoming and parties with your friends, right? Are you celebrating a victory of overcoming extremely hard midterms? Or, are you trying to forget and suppress your failure in the middle of the semester? Everyone has that one teacher, you know, that really grinds your gears. You know… the one that assigns an extremely hard midterm that creates stress beyond measures. But, you excel and passed the test anyway or maybe you don’t. You might even consider dropping the class because you just know there is no way you can pass […]